The Introducer Volume 4 - Page 19

Right now, the Academy has 300 students enrolled in STEM program tracks for medicine, science, and engineering. The facility, which broke ground in February of 2017 is due to be completed and ready for students by fall, 2019. At that time, they expect to welcome 1,000 students to the program. Kim is quick to point out that there are no set GPA requirements to be involved in the Academy. It is open to any student with the desire to pursue education in STEM fields. With a hospital being built nearby, Kim sees opportunities for students they train now to be leaders, volunteers, and employees someday. She’s believes in project-based learning and real problem-solving. She wants the students to see value in what they do and plans for them to have a voice in driving program content.

Along with the construction of the Academy, Kim knows she’s also building a legacy, and works inclusively with her team to ensure there’s no silo effect. The hard work is paying off, as students are winning science awards and Kim has become an in-demand speaker, not only for her career role, but for her story of inspiration. Quite a long way from the 8-month-old whose family brought her to a new land on a fishing boat in the middle of the night. Clearly destined to be a game changer.


- Professionals/educators who are developing STEM K-12 curriculum

- STEM professionals who work for industry companies with educational outreach programs that build partnerships with STEM high schools

- Researchers focused on STEM K-12 teaching and learning

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