The Introducer Volume 4 - Page 17

Kim’s amazing journey in education was captured earlier this year in an article published by AZUSA Pacific University, but, to capsulize, Kim Is a Vietnamese immigrant who has become a leader in her field and an icon of hope for others along the same path.

Kim’s career into secondary education has taken her from a science classroom to assistant principal and now into the role of Director of Eastvale STEM Academy, an expansion of Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Riverside County. Eastvale isn’t unique in its efforts to provide a dedicated facility, but, general-curriculum schools far outweigh those that are STEM-specialized. That makes Kim’s position critical for those communities who are considering the mammoth undertaking of building a separate campus to teach a STEM curriculum. It also means that the work of carving out the administrative details, the operational flow, and developing the team will be watched by national stakeholders in STEM. That doesn’t bother the gal who lay in a hospital bed when an automobile accident left her comatose just after her first semester teaching. Before the accident, Kim, questioned if she was making the difference she hoped as an educator, not sensing any real connection with the students. She was wrong, for when she emerged from her coma surrounded by cards from students and colleagues, she knew this was her calling and mustered the courage to regain her health and her career. That courage is what keeps her steadfast to the vision she holds now for the adventure of developing a whole new school.


(United States)

Academy Director at

Eastvale STEM,

Corona Norco Unified District

Adjunct Professor,

School of Education,

Azusa Pacific University, CA