The Introducer Volume 4 - Page 12

It’s the explorer in him that contributes so well to his current mission of inspiring people to make a greater impact.

In 2015, a song he wrote a few years earlier about bullying called Close to the Edge hit over one million views on YouTube.  That same year, he launched a successful 4-city peer networking event tour in Australia under his company, The Thriving Collective. He had never been to the U.S., but just 4 months later, he expanded his invitation-only events to New York City and Los Angeles, using the power of LinkedIn to build the right relationships prior to the events. 

On his way home from Los Angeles, Cameron started thinking about things…'stuff' to be exact, realizing that he had a lot of it that he really didn’t need and that we, as a species, are living in excess right now. It was out of this realization that his company evolved into something more; to not only help in the evolution of our species, but also the well-being of our planet.

While it didn’t happen right away, by the end of 2016, Cameron had sold or donated 99% of everything he owned.  The “unloading” was a step in the right direction for Cameron who had already begun lightening up and aligning his life with his values.  With nothing to hold him down, he moved to Costa Rica to experience a new place and culture…what was likely the beginning of living the “big” life he wants for others. 

The amazing sweet marriage Cameron’s found between his art and social activism has become quite the business, but, its success involves one more of his talents…networking. He has literally networked his way to his own impact…making connections with and for others. Today, Cameron’s multi-sensory experience has reached 195 countries, and he’s looking for more opportunities to share, particularly in North America. He’s booked well into 2019 at this point, but, there’s never a bad time to discuss opportunities.