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Cameron is an international speaker, storyteller, and social-change advocate who cares deeply about how the well-being of people and our planet are intertwined. Raised in the Outback of Australia, Cameron now calls the globe his home, as he travels nonstop for his performances and talks or to grab video footage of extraordinary places, like the gorgeous rainforests of Colombia. For Cameron, work is all about educating and inspiring people to use all their talents to leave a legacy of positive impact on others, along with the planet that is our home. And, while Cameron does coach one-on-one and facilitates groups, most of the impact he’s been making on the thousands who follow him on social media, and over a million who watch his YouTubes, is done through sold-out message-focused presentations with him playing the piano to a backdrop of short films he’s produced of incredible places. Mesmerizing is a good description.

Cameron has been on a self-improvement journey since he was old enough to be aware, but, he didn’t just seek out mentors, he allowed life events to teach him how he needed to live.  From his early college drop-out days to traveling the world, Cameron has spent years helping people breakthrough their barriers to success, while writing music and creating short films that help make a positive impact.

After a personal relationship ended, he found himself asking two important questions: 1) What do I want to experience in my life? 2) Am I really living? What followed was a life full of adventure. That’s key to know about Cameron, because it speaks to his love of travel, experiences, and self-discovery. 


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