The Introducer Volume 3 | Page 8

Scientific institutions around the world, along with ongoing research conducted by HMI Group provide great optimism for strides in the healthcare industry. One study by HMI Group has revealed results in hemp use with pulmonary hypertension (PH), also known as blue lip disease. According to Tan, PH is a rare disease that can shorten life expectancies more than many cancers. Says Tan, “once the patients have been diagnosed, the average survival time is only 2.7 years. The only effective treatment options offered are those of high-risk surgeries. However, an active ingredient we have extracted from hemp is found to be very effective to treat PH, and we have applied for an international patent, which would be a tremendous contribution for mankind. What’s more, we have discovered that an active ingredient in hemp has protective benefits that would reduce the number of deaths attributed to the avian influenza virus, for which we have also applied for an international patent.”

Even with all the good we can see in hemp, there’s still a block to legalization for many places in the world. Tan reminds that China is governed by strict laws with respect to the illicit drug industry. The punishment for participating in the drug trade is quite severe and, in certain circumstances, the death penalty is applied. There’s a strong cultural paradigm in place in China. Even Tan says that many of his friends and colleagues opposed the decision for he and Mr. Zhang Ke to collaborate and invest in the field. The controversial nature of the subject keeps HMI Group on the list of companies highly supervised by public and government regulatory bodies to ensure safety for the public and to conform to strict manufacturing practices.