The Introducer Volume 3 | Page 30

It was around this time that Chance reinvented his recording label to encompass more of a media theme, and become a vehicle for helping people to unleash their own innovative creativity, whatever their space.

Today, Morningbird Media Corporation is home base for something Chance calls “electronic alchemy;” words he uses not only to express his dream for the future of technology development and sharing, but, also to name his first product. Since, currently, there is no 3D Printer or 3D Printing technique capable of direct 3D Printing of functional electronic devices, Chance and his team created a solution. The Electronic Alchemy ™ eForge includes a printer, refillable materials cartridges, control and design software, and a user-driven community development portal. And, THIS has the support of NASA. Can you imagine the applications of 3D Printing of functional electronic devices on a space station? Chance could--it’s been a dream of his for a long time. NASA shares that dream and they are partnering on further development of Electronic Alchemy ™ eForge, which has just completed the first phase in contract and has been awarded a direct to Phase III contract from NASA. The year ahead will be an incredible advancement for the team, NASA, and technology developers who see the value in sharing/recycling materials and intelligence; all to innovate in ways perceived unbelievable even hours ago. It’s a technology solution and a collaborative platform for innovators bundled together…sounds to me like Chance is accomplishing mission.