The Introducer Volume 3 | Page 29

Chance’s history almost belies his current position as a respected leader in technology and business in the academic field. Reading through his CV, you’d work your way through twenty-three pages listing his writings, speeches, memberships, courses and programs developed, accomplishments in fundraising, honors, and awards…all details along the professional journey that has built the foundation he sits on today. Impressive doesn’t even seen to be the right word. But, after you’ve taken a glimpse of the professor, I’ll bet you wouldn’t have envisioned him as a Grammy-nominated gospel artist. Yep…this guy, who achieved his MS and PhD in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University received a nomination from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2000 for Album of the Year. So, now that your mind is blown, there’s more. Chance started his own recording label, called Morningbird Records in 2000, and built a repertoire that not only featured the music that he wrote and performed, but, that of other independent contemporary Christian artists, as well.

Clearly, Chance is a man informed on the mission we all have been given to explore every talent, and, in so doing, help others to do the same. Not surprisingly, then, would be the launch of a weekly podcast, (2005) called Intelligent Conversations, where he explored life, business, technology, science, and more.


(United States)

Professor, Dean, College of Engineering, Technology, and Physical Sciences, Alabama A & M University

Founder, Pres., CEO, Morningbird Media Corporation