The Introducer Volume 3 | Page 27

One of the most important tasks Okey has before him is his work on a team whose goals advance the national health security mission. Okey is a policy-maker, strategist, and health policy advisor, and by health, we mean everything from homeland security to epidemics and natural disasters. Their work also includes enemy threats either domestic or global. That’s quite a large blanket full of holes, but it’s one Okey is destined to help mend.

Okey received his MPH in 2014 from Chicago State University and is among what we’d call the first generation of STEM students to take that specific education to places of leadership. He was one of six African-American scientists and engineers featured in the 2010 documentary, STEM eXposure: The Meyerhoff Influence, which chronicles the challenges faced and successes achieved by African Americans in STEM disciplines. A humble rearing in “Chi-Town,” Okey emerged from his education with family support and the right network to take on roles in the U.S. Senate and House Committees on health policy. It seemed Capital Hill suited him well, and in 2016 he took on his current position with the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Global health has a priority on the bullet list of work ahead, which spurs Okey’s social activist nature; the same one that pulls him constantly to help vulnerable populations put voice to need.

There’s much that Okey can do as an influencer under the government umbrella, but, possibly even more outside of government.

Last, month, Okey started his own consulting business; Enyia Strategies, LLC. The new firm provides advising, research support, policy analysis, project management, and legislative strategy for individuals and entities seeking measurable ways to influence policy on issues related to health equity, health disparities, social determinants of health and health in all policies. The vision of Enyia Strategies is to improve people’s health outcomes and

overall well-being. The mission is to analyze health policy and meaningfully impact the business enterprise as a servant-leader, while promoting the highest quality of life in pursuit of health equity.

A young leader who understands policy, legislative and government processes, has a public health education, and a greater good conscience. Perhaps a game changer who has a political future?