The Introducer Volume 3 | Page 25

Need more convincing? How about some testimonials from people who have experienced facilitated networking with Mary, Editor of The Introducer & CEO/Founder of Mary Kurek Professional Networking Agency?

“Mary has a unique ability to read between the lines, expanding possibilities by introducing like-minded professionals. My first experience with Mary was a specific networking target, which she managed quickly and easily, creating a comfortable path to new opportunities..”

Megan Gaiser, CEO & Co-Founder, Spiral Media, Ltd., United States

“Consulting with Mary, we analyzed my strengths, built and executed an itinerary for a major 5-month-long international networking trip that encompassed 12 countries in Europe and 12 states in the North Americas.”

Krister Gustafsson, Industrial Designer, Interactive Educational Spaces, Australia

"For the past 10 years I have continued to hire Mary Kurek to identify, research, and make key strategic introductions for the businesses I have started. Every engagement has paid for itself and has resulted in invaluable opportunities for my businesses. Mary is unlike any other."

Mike Jalonen, Founder & CEO, Trio Rewards Inc., United States

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