The Introducer Volume 3 | Page 21

Marc is a business broker and M & A (merger and acquisitions) intermediary with a global business development background. His current business focus is with the Gottesman Company, one of the largest M & A firms in the U.S., headquartered in Connecticut. Through the Gottesman Company, Marc works with a large pool of buyers and sellers of lower mid-market companies with $5 - 500 million turnover. The company is rather unique in that they represent neither buyer nor seller as a fiduciary agent. Since most intermediaries are reluctant to share seller fees, Gottesman designed a Cooperating Intermediary Program to help them find buyers for sellers, in confidence, without sharing a seller fee (buyers pay their fee.)

Earlier this year, Marc helped Gottesman expand its business to Great Britain, but this work isn’t new for Marc. He has worked in an advisory capacity to many companies, helping with business formations in the U.K. and Germany, providing leadership from successes won early on in telecoms. In 2000, he was first-to-market with cellphone/mobile "tuning" products (ringtones and logos) in the U.K., which, ultimately became a multi-million-dollar industry.

This game changer is a British/German dual national, which is a good thing, given the situation presented by BREXIT (withdrawal of the U.K. from the European Union E.U.).

Heading up Emjay Consultancy, Marc had, for years, been working with U.S. businesses to set up headquarters (professionally and personally) in the U.K.

Now, as BREXIT has made it challenging to attract US companies to a country in transition, he works to help U.S. and U.K. businesses to establish themselves within Europe’s largest and richest market, Germany.

Marc shares that BREXIT didn’t just impact his business model, it caused him to become involved in a movement called the3million. The movement represents the three million E.U. citizens living in the U.K., who call it home, and don’t wish to be considered a bargaining chip in BREXIT negotiations. The citizens, who feel trapped, worry over their status and how they might live life normally after the 2019 deadline. The U.K. will leave the world’s largest trading bloc on March 29, 2019 to make their exit from the E.U., a departure that will cost the E.U. the world’s fifth largest economy, but, could arguably cost the U.K. some economic power if it is no longer perceived as a financial portal for, say, U.S. banks. While rumbling of the power negotiators continue, the3million are busy rallying their own power…and Marc is helping them develop the funding sources to win. What they want to win, says Marc, is an agreement to an early deal to secure the rights of E.U. citizens in the U.K. and Britons living in Europe.

Big impact project for a guy who is used to “moving mountains” to “cross ponds,” but where human rights are concerned, it’s a good mountain to move.