The Introducer Volume 3 | Page 10

kenneth a. goodwin, JR.

(United States)

Senior Managing Principal,

Jeanensis Capital Markets

Fintech Blockchain Advisor

Regulatory Compliance and

Risk SME Speaker/Educator


Ken knows how to marry money with tech. He is skilled not only in how to raise capital, but just about everything having to do with the management of investments; what those savvy in finance call fintech, regtech, and the latest love child of the two…blockchain. The man revels in international deal-making, having completed foreign direct investment projects in China, Japan, and Africa, sharing, also, his extensive knowledge to shepherd firms through challenging transitions. Ken has no problems doing what hasn’t been done, trailblazing as the first foreigner to monitor and execute Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) on the floor of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). An executive with that kind of fearless leadership, passion for finance, and consultative nature is a “C-suite entrepreneur.”

Ken talks about blockchain like most people talk about their children…with a compelling and admirable interest that creates understanding, regardless of one’s level of smarts about fintech. This makes sense when you know that Ken is Adjunct Professor of International Trade and Corporate Ethics at Baruch College in New York. He has an educator’s soul – probably stemming from his childhood love of reading…what he claims is also the reason for his journey into finance.