The Introducer Volume 10 | Page 3


Congrats to Sultan Akif, Founder of Library in

Week whose young daughters, Fatima Sultan and

Amna Sultan, aged 9 and 7, launched their own

social entrepreneurship

( in front of


Sultan was also invited to speak at a prestigious

event designed to drive real change. He will join

10 change makers from across Canada on 15th

Nov at the Top 10 Event in Toronto to speak to an

audience of 1000+.

Congrats to Chance Glenn of Morningbird Media

on being featured along with his Electronic

Alchemy work in Also,

Chance was invited to be a panelist at the

Innovation & Opportunity Conference at NASA

this past month.

Congrats also to Dr. Nema, Mark Wolf, and Todd

Gray for new developments on work projects.