The Indian Business Owner TIBO Magazine - Volume 001 - Page 13

inspection unless building permit is required and the work cannot be completed within 120 days (in which case the defendant must show an active building permit and the work must be completed within 180 days of the inspection) As can been seen above, having your property inspected by a CASp is the best way to take advantage of current laws that offer protections and reduced statutory damages in accessibility-related lawsuits. Further, a CASp inspection will identify a business’s current lawsuit risk exposure and give the business the information needed to correct violations right away and avoid a lawsuit altogether. 11 |TIBO Magazine - Fall 2016 Chris Cormier ADAptable Business Solutions, Inc. Chris Cormier is a Certified Access Specialist and licensed general contractor. He has provided accessibility services to over 250 different clients throughout California and Arizona.