'The Independent Music Show Magazine' September 2021 - Page 24

Johnny Restas: "Another Downtown Song"

John Restas was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is a long time performer and recording artist who started playing local coffee houses at the age of 20. About a year later John formed a Band with his now late friend Todd Pyper. They formed a 36 year musical bond until Todd's passing in 2017, a bond which included television and radio appearances all over Southern Ontario, Canada. John and Todd, along with Rob Birmingham and Scott Beasley, formed The Band Sacred Rain, which released the CD “Angel Skies”. In support of that CD the band opened up for such well known Canadian acts as Goddo, The Kings, Junk house, King Biscuit Boy and many others.

John is currently promoting his New 3 Song CD entitled "3 From Me" released in 2020, engineered and produced by Steve McPhail

Addison Ella

"Touch The Ocean"


Addison Ella is an 18 year old aspiring musician who is taking her first step into the world of music with her first two singles. The first here is "Touch The Ocean". Addison began as a theatrical performer and singer, transitioned into

independently creating and releasing covers on

Youtube, and is now ready to express herself

creatively through her music and inspire her


The song was inspired and written in 2010 when my wife had left me. She did return eventually but at the time this was one of the many songs I wrote from my heart. So it's why the song leaves you hanging: is she still my Rodeo Girl?

Frank Trousdell: "What Was On Her Mind"


Canadian Frank Trousdell has a history of working with the best musicians in Canada. On his new album "The Runner" he does it again, and sings and plays acoustic guitar throughout.

"What Was On Her Mind" is another of 10 Trousdell-penned

songs with a cast of legendary players all over it. Great

music from a great artist.

This release "What Was On Her Mind" is the4th release for

this album.



Allen Foster


GENRE: Southern Rock

"Seventeen" is a classic Southern Rock track followup to "Adriana" and again has Allen's nod to his Skynyrd roots and modern intensity. If you like Southern Rock, this Maine logger pulls it off.

Allen Foster is a guitarist and songwriter from Brunswick, Maine with a unique musical charm, creating a blend of country and rock that reaches deep down into the hearts of those who listen. As a self-proclaimed “late bloomer”, Allen’s creativity has blossomed with a vengeance. Local success, along with recognition from Nashville, has thrown him into the spotlight.