'The Independent Music Show Magazine' September 2021 - Page 20

In the midst of the pandemic, Ro Bergman beautifully

juxtaposes solo-dancers from Vienna’s State Opera

with an empty ski resort, to the sound of his new song,

Animal . Between breathtaking nature shots and

dancing virtuosity, the video throws open a Pandora's

box of questions that are more relevant now than ever.

Ro Bergman is self-taught and a perfectionist. In his

songs you can’t hear the former, but you sure as hell

hear the latter. With Animal the Austrian musician has

created a small opera, inspired by his own story and

2020, the year that will go down in history as a year

marred by a pandemic. The balancing-act between

freedom and domesticity, the relationship

between humans and animals, and the tension

between loneliness and independence

transcend the piece; and reach a crescendo

in Animal.

Therein lie the great questions of our time,

rejected in an abstract performance by

dancers from the Vienna State Opera on top

of a snow-covered glacier plateau, 8000 feet

above sea-level. Ro Bergman recorded Animal –

together with Niko Stössl – last year, just as forest-Trees

tore through and ravaged the Australian landscape.

In the second lock-down he went into a creative frenzy and realised

that the song is just as topical now as it was then: “The ice is melting / times

are changing / woods are burning / and I’m in between”. The

corona-pandemic shone a new light on the question of the relationship

between humans and animals. Humans, social beings, are forced to isolate

as a result of coming too close to the wilderness. And then in isolation people rediscovered nature as a source of power and inspiration.

Ro Bergman too has a special connection with the mountains. As a ski guide he

doesn’t shy from the sharp slopes, even in winter. Between family time and music, he’s always drawn to the wild. To shoot on the rugged backdrop of the Kalkkögel mountain-chain in the south of Innsbruck, he and a team of dancers, mountain guides and a camera crew – led by Rupert Höller – set of at 6 aim. Icy ridges and freezing temperatures hampered the shoot. Epic scenes, lyrics and soundscape combine to

create a cinematic chronicle of our times.

Ro Bergman’s alternative pop – a mix of analogue instruments and

electronic elements – delivers exactly the right dose of emotions

the past year deserves. His new EP “Hi Lo” was released in

spring 2021.