'The Independent Music Show Magazine' September 2021 - Page 14

Weird Music History

Finland Has the Most Metal Bands Per Capita

Perhaps head-banging is an effective way to keep warm.

According to a Reddit user who created a map using data from

Encyclopedia Metallum's archive of metal bands, Finland is

home to the most bands of this genre, with 53.5 metal bands

per 100,000 people. Second place was tied between two other

Nordic nations Sweden and Norway (27.2), while Iceland stole

third (22.7). Though heavy metal music originated in the

United States and the United Kingdom, their numbers for those

countries were 5.5 and 5.2, respectively.


Think you know everything there is to know about music? Prepare to be blown away as we take a look at some of the most interesting, unbelievable facts about musicians and the music industry.

1. The year is 1989. The dictatorial ruler of Panama, General Noriega, takes refuge in the message of the Vatican. For two days, the US military bombarded him 24 hours a day with songs from AC/DC such as “Highway to Hell“. The ex-dictator surrendered! As the DFB Cup has proven in Frankfurt, this can also work with Helene Fischer ;D

2. Music by Tina Turner is used at Gloucestershire UK airport to scare birds away from the runway. The songs of the soul icon are blasted, as a deterrent, around the clock! I would be honoured if my music was used for this purpose, wouldn’t you? Tina surely feels the same way!

3. Rock ‘n’ Roll meets wildlife: Termites love rock music. Say what?? According to Australian researchers, they eat wood twice as fast when they are exposed to heavy metal music. The vibrations in the wood encourage them to nibble at high-speeds. Try this with your lunch when you’re in a hurry 😀 Just don’t blame us for your stomach ache!

4. Axl Rose is a quirky stage name, because it’s an anagram. Just put the letters in the right order, and the result is “oral sex”. The real name of the Guns’n’Roses frontman is William Bailey.

5. With music, chronic pain can be reduced and depression can be alleviated. Body and soul react. Even the heartbeat adapts somewhat to the rhythm of the music. Now that’s what I call heartfelt music!

6. The longest national anthem in the world comes from Greece: a whopping 158 verses! To make it through the whole thing demands true southern serenity. And honestly, we’re not entirely sure if anyone has ever made it to the end

7. Just as we had suspected: According to a French study, loud music stimulates drinking. While a man needs an average of 15 minutes for a beer while listening to soft music, he needs just 12 minutes with loud music. Well then, cheers!

8. A jackhammer creates a volume level of 120 dB. No problem for Manowar. For an appearance at the Magic Circle Festival in 2008, the heavy metal band developed extra special amplifiers that can blow a spectacular 139 dB into the audience’s ears. The result: Official Guinness World Record.

Source: thoman.de