'The Independent Music Show Magazine' September 2018 - Page 9

The Medicine Show is Home Free and going Stateside (again)


Dear Reader and all independent artists, particularly those wishing to get an introduction into touring in America.


We are heading Stateside again after Findhorn Arts Festival at the end of September where The Euro Medicine Show Moose Mobile will be a stage for Forres Culture day. The Merican Medicine Moose Mobile will then be a stage at Apple Fest in Cedaredge Colorado the next weekend  and heading to the West Coast on “The Findhorn Bay to San Francisco Bay Stravaig” would you like to join us?


We are taking application for “The Looking For America Collection Volume 2” that we will be spreading like apple seeds in America for 14 European Artists. We would like to take one of those with us to San Francisco. Contact me Rob@medicinemusic.co.uk for more information.


This is what Ruth Purses Smith our Moose Artist on the last Stateside Stravaig said about joining The Medicine Show.


"To step into The Moose with Rob Ellen, is to step into Joy and Adventure" Ruth Purves Smith Alberta Folk Music doyen.

 "Rob is, indeed, The Medicine Man. Everywhere we went, he either found or had arranged for, a musical event. For instance, when we wound our way up the mountain roads to Stanley, Colorado to visit the illustrious Stanley Hotel, left to his own devices for a few moments, Rob was to be found in the Ballroom filming & interviewing a young man from Australia performing at the grand piano...or we would randomly pull off the Hwy in the middle of Tennessee at some little distillery that turned out to be a venue and a treasure. From Hank Williams" grave, to Muscle Shoals, to Breaux Bridge, to Perkins & Guthrie & Tulsa & Oklahoma City, to Lukenbach, to Sun Studio, to Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Longmont & Stanley, Kansas City & Kansas, Lafayette, The Pig Trail of The Ozarks, TEXAS, and TEXAS, to Madison, Minnesota, Rob connected me with people & places that could fill a lifetime of playing music & resisting the agenda. I performed with Legends in Legendary venues. I saw and felt the Beauty that is in America & Her People. Sooo much... I certainly can now book an EPIC stateside tour!! I may just sell everything that I don't need, & go Moosing into The Sunset... 'Life is sudden' is what my father used to say. Now is the BEST time to say YES to Life. Thank you Medicine Man! XOXO RPS

Thanks you Ruth , it was my pleasure.


I look forward to your thoughts and maybe doing some Moosing with you, were thinking of Moosing Down To Mexico after SFS. When ever, where ever and whichever Medicine Show Moose Mobile you would be very welcome to join us in person or virtually here 


 Remember I am currently taking submissions for "Looking For America Collection Vol 2" songs to promote Stateside on the next Merican Moose Mobile Stravaig.

Let me know if you’re interested!

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"To step into The Moose with Rob Ellen, is to step into Joy and Adventure. He is, indeed, The Medicine Man." Ruth Purves Smith (Alberta Folk Music doyen)

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Rob Ellen

Rob Ellen