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Elle was captivated by the sparkle of the spotlight at a young age. She attributes much of her passion for music and glamour to her father. "As a little girl my dad would always take me to the Opera. I loved dressing up for it, which might be where I get my sense of glamour and probably why I love Musical Theater so much," remembers Elle.

Growing up, Elle frequented the music parties held by her parents on a regular basis, where they shared the European folk music of their childhood. They also introduced Elle and her siblings to music from their era such as the Beatles, ABBA and Elton John. Her brothers had an impact on her musically as well. While off at law school in the UK, they were introduced to British Pop and brought it back home. Elle's diverse background helped her develop an awareness of various genres of music from many different eras. "I grew up around music so I naturally acquired a deep appreciation and love for it," recalls Elle.

While the small town girl from Chestermere, Alberta, Canada lived only twenty minutes from Calgary, she had big city dreams. With American Idols such as Brandy, Monica, En Vogue, Lauryn Hill, Destiny's Child, Robyn, Whitney Houston, and most of all Mariah Carey, Elle knew her best shot at stardom would be to go to America, where these sultry singers became icons. So, after receiving a Bachelor's of Music in Vocal Performance in 2007 in Winnipeg, Manitoba,

she packed her bags and

headed for Music City, USA.

Since moving to Nashville, Elle has made big strides in establishing a successful music career; receiving a bachelors degree in Music Business at Belmont University, performing several writers' round nights at local venues, auditioning for FOX's hit series, Glee, and releasing a new EP entitled "The EP".

The EP features five dynamic songs including: "Fever" and "What It Is," two electrifying dance floor beats, "I Stay," a gritty hip hop track, "That Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You," a heart-wrenching lyric with a soaring melody and "Knee Deep In Love," a ballad with a smooth groove.

Much like her musical background, Elle's music is very diverse. While she knows how to let loose and show her fans a good time, the pop singer with a divatude has a more serious side to her as well. Elle's most recent viral release, "Freak," is a lyrically promiscuous song about sexual orientation that is her response to recent teen suicides and bullying. Her music relates to her fans and meets people wherever they are whether it's helping them cope or encouraging them to just let loose on the dance floor. "I hope that my music can affect people in a good way. Whether it helps someone through a difficult time in their lives, or it just makes you wanna shake your ass," said Elle. And her newest single, "Make You Move," does just that! Elle's new red-hot release is filling up dance floors everywhere. Catch the "Fever" on iTunes now!

Written by Heather Blankenship

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