'The Independent Music Show Magazine' September 2018 - Page 4


Bruce Lev is a truly independent artist and greatly influenced by the Beatles and numerous other classic rock-n-roll bands from the 60’s and 70’s. Originally from Kings Park, New York, Bruce went to college and honed his crafts in the DC area for over 20 years.  Then, in a biblical-type decision, he moved to the mountains of Panama for 5 years and found himself teaching the children of Panama music and songs of, well you guessed it, the Beatles!  Then Bruce made his way down from the mountains, his beard turning bright white and carrying two tablets with new music written on them, and returned to the United States Southwest in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011.

Once back in the US, Bruce had the opportunity to “Get Back” into the recording studio and create more music.  As luck would have it, Bruce had access to some of the best musicians in the Phoenix area and began churning out numerous outstanding recordings.  A number of these recordings began to receive song writing awards, and in 2014 Bruce was named “Best Adult Contemporary Artist” in the Artists in

Music Awards.  Further in 2014 Bruce released the song “Catwoman” which landed on the 57th Grammy ballot for “Best Rock Song”.  Then in 2015 Bruce released the song “Jessica” to wide spread critical acclaim and landed on the 58th Grammy ballot in the “Best Arrangement,  Instruments & Vocals” category.  In September 2015 Bruce was named “Rock Artist of the Year” in the Josie Music Awards and Fair Play Country Music Magazine.   

In 2016 Bruce Lev released his album entitled “The Declaration of IndependenTS”, which is a play on words that highlights the modern day successes of Independent Artists in the internet and digital age, and which Bruce describes as his version of the Beatles' “White Album”.  This album was honored as the “Best Americana Album” in the  Akademia

Music Awards  along with naming BRUCE LEV as their “Artist of the Month” for September 2016!  Furthermore,the song "20th Century Man" was named "Rock Song of the Year" at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.  Then in October this album landed on the 59th Grammy ballot for “Best Rock Album” and the song "What You Do To Me" (featuring Grammy nominee Armand Hutton) landed on the 59th Grammy ballot in the “Best Arrangement,  Instruments & Vocals” category. 

​In November 2016 Bruce was chosen to become a voting member of the Grammys (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences - NARAS).

​In 2017 Bruce released two singles again with Grammy nominee Armand Hutton, and in which the A Capella version of his song "Tears" landed on the 60th Grammy ballot in the “Best Arrangement,  Instruments or A Capella” category.

​During 2017 Bruce began experimenting in the “Chill” and “New Age” genres of music, and with the help of the amazing musical talents of Mark 4Man and the engineering prowess of Ryan Wenzel, Bruce transformed his Beatlesque style of songwriting and producing by sending them “Through

the Vortex” of Sedona to form a new and unique sound and style, hence coined by Bruce as

“Chill Age” music.  And in 2018 Bruce released his new album "Through the Vortex - The Sedona Effect"!

Bruce Lev -- Featured Artist -- 10/August/2018