'The Independent Music Show Magazine' October 2019 - Page 18


We use music as a tool to build connections, foster empathy and shape communities.

Studies have shown that music is a powerful tool that can influence behavior, shape culture and strengthen social bonds.

We use music as a means to address the needs of societies divided and affected by conflict.


To use the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war.


To inspire people worldwide to engage as peacemakers and use music to transform lives.

How We Work

Music is an integral part of human nature. It has the potential to connect and bring people together. We use music as a tool to alleviate the disastrous effects and causes of war and mass violence, collaborating with organizations and change-makers globally so together we can:

Create long-term programs that respond to the true contexts and

needs of people’s lives

Train musicians and community leaders to effect nonviolent change

Advocate for peace

On the ground, this can sound like rock music, Burundian drumming, rap music, a cello sonata, or a stick hitting the bottom of a bucket. It’s not up to us to decide what the music will sound like. Our role is to create access to music-making that is guided by our Working Principles of safety, inclusion, equality, creativity, and quality. This approach opens a musical space that enables people to communicate and share. It defines how we work.

Why Music?