'The Independent Music Show Magazine' October 2018 - Page 4

Based in Vienna, Austria, No-Ce is fronted by Cécile Nordegg, a chanteuse with a truly remarkable voice which is deeply resonant and expressive, operating in the lower register, already offering a rather unique listening experience. Previously a successful movie and TV actor, Cécile is backed by a band of outstanding musicians who have already made names for themselves: JP Chiche on guitar and background vocals (previously having shared the stage with everyone from Aerosmith to Fats Domino); Andreas Pirringer on sax, flute and clarinet and Walter Bass on piano, all contributing to their compositions. Augmented by American Grammy Award-winning rock guitarist, Jamie Kime (rhythm guitarist for Dweezil Zappa), the combination is both engrossing and intriguing.

Édith Piaf and Frank Zappa ... now there's two names you can not see side by side. Yet, No-Ce audaciously marries the artists' sound, spawning a result that's staggering as you'd expect.

Their latest release, Jazz Proclamation Vol.1 & 2, is a celebration of the art of French chanson wrapped in rock n roll. With this latest offering, the Vienna-based band achieve an album that is dexterous and moving, yet humorous.

French jazz is not that easy to find and many newcomers and those are already soaked in the boozy musical brew, there is a wealth to savor, with many rock riffs as there are torch songs and glimpses into cabaret resurrected from a bygone age. With a casual cover of Frank Zappa's notorious "Bobby Brown" thrown in for good measure, plus standards by Piaf and Brel, this is an experience not to be missed.


Marko Zlousic