'The Independent Music Show Magazine' October 2018 - Page 3


Featured Artistt - 12/Ocotber/2018

Tony Gee is an independent recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician, recording engineer, and producer living in Spring, TX.

He has wrapped up production on his third album “Bloom Full” (available from August 15th, 2018). Tony teamed up again with Ron Flynt (20/20) at Jumping Dog Studio in Austin, TX. They were joined by musicians Whit Williams (Cotton Mather), Ray Rodriguez (The Mystiqueros), Matt Giles (The Drakes), Tina Mitchell Wilkins, Zac Wilkerson, & Sam Howden.

Tony released his first album, “Golden Spotted Midnight Sky” on December 1st, 2014. He worked with Jack Saunders (Shake Russell & Ray Wylie Hubbard) and Rick Richards (Joe Walsh & Ray Wylie Hubbard) in Houston, TX.

His second album, “It’s Time”, was released on October 15th, 2016. Tony worked with Ron Flynt for the first time as well as Ray, Matt, Whit, & Tina.

In today’s day and age of music, Tony has learned and utilized modern recording technology to start projects at home, collaborate with the best talent in the area, and release high quality, self funded, 100% independent records.

Tony has steadily been putting together his home studio where he recorded his vocals and guitars on all three of his albums. His wife, Angelique, co-engineered. She also took photographs for all three album covers.

Tony has written all of the songs on his three albums except “The Lady In The Light Blue Dress” and “A Place To Hide” off of “Golden Spotted Midnight Sky”, which he co-wrote with Angelique.