'The Independent Music Show Magazine' November 2019 | Page 18

The North Carolina “Young Guns” of metal! Formed in the early 2000s by 3 best friends with a strong desire to keep the faith. Knightmare plays all over the Carolinas and continental United States bringing a vintage power metal sound with a new age twist to listeners far and wide. A dual lead guitar attack, accompanied by 4 part vocal harmonies, tasteful bass lines, and a melodic style of drumming makes for an enjoyable and powerful performance that brings lovers of rock and roll and heavy metal together for a glorious splendor of musicality and good times.

American Power Metal. What is that you ask? Well ladies and gents, that's Knightmare. 4 good ol' carolina boys, unite to give Raleigh and the REST OF THE WORLD their spin on a classic, time tested and time honored sound. Storming out of the gates from the get go, Knightmare was created to rock your mind, and give you a blast from the past, with a good touch of modern and pioneering sounds. Giving you slamming drums, killer bass, and of course, the two tower axe attack. An act that you will not so easily forget. A live show full of energy and passion for music. Raise the banner and smash down the gates! Lets bring back the days of heavy metal.

Tom Parnelle

A Blast from the Past remade into 21st Century Metal. Dueling Guitars reminiscent of Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden with strong rhythm section with influences from Metallica. Very well made tracks and great vocals.

Willing to travel miles to hear this group and my

anticipation is they would melt my face off in

a live setting.

Favorite track: Witchburn.