'The Independent Music Show Magazine' June 2018 - Page 8

Featured Artist


Children of the '90s, Western Education grew up in a time when Nirvana was classic rock and the Strokes were already elder statesmen. Formed by lead singer Greg Alexandropoulos, who also plays keys, Georgio Broufas on guitar and backing vocals, Devin Vaillaincourt on drums and producer Will Hunt on bass, the quartet craft a mix of earnest, passionate rock in the vein of turn-of-the-millennium angular indie and emo/pop punk. In 2011, the band met at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell and bonded over a shared love of the Killers, the Strokes, and Franz Ferdinand.

That early aughts ilk influenced much of their sound, but Alexandropoulos' vocal delivery owes more to the dramatics of Panic! At the Disco's Brandon Urie than that other Brandon from the Killers -- more yearning plea than cocky showman. After self-producing a pair of EPs in 2012, they received local Boston radio airplay, were shortlisted as one of the best new bands in Boston in 2013 (by the Boston Phoenix), and were semi-finalists in the 35th annual Boston "Rock N Roll Rumble," sharing that title with former competitors like the Dresden Dolls, Lemonheads, and Morphine. Their debut, Let Your Secrets Out, was released in 2014 and produced by members of the Color and Sound and Pray for Sound. An exciting mix of styles and genres, the album included the singles "Rivals" and "I Can't Heal."

The band returned in 2016 with the Restless Dreams EP, which featured the singles "Skin Deep" and "Different Animals." On Restless Dreams, they bridged the gap between their synth- and emo-rock influences, incorporating darker post-punk tones similar to Interpol and Bloc Party.