'The Independent Music Show Magazine' June 2018 - Page 20


Musicians without Borders is proud to announce the launch of Art.27, a platform for all artists and arts organizations for an open, welcoming Europe: art27.art

••Art.27 organizes gatherings of socially engaged artists and arts organizations in Europe, to

share expertise and to forge collaborations in promotion of social inclusion.

••Art.27 collects and openly shares resources, knowledge and contacts among all artists, arts

organizations and arts projects wishing to contribute to a welcoming, inclusive Europe.

••Art.27 seeks to impact the public narrative on war, refugees and migration. We aim to counter

fear and xenophobia and promote social inclusion through participatory art projects, arts education, community arts initiatives, exhibits, installations and performances.

The platform was officially announced on June 20, World Refugee Day, at the Amsterdam Roots Festival.

With thanks to the founding members:

••ROOTS & ROUTES International

••Musicians For Human Rights

••Landesmusikakademie NRW, Germany

••Akoesticum, Training Center for Performing Arts, Netherlands

••Crisis Classroom, UK

••De Vrolijkheid (The National Foundation for the Promotion of Happiness), Netherlands

••Stichting ROOTS & ROUTES, Netherlands

••ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne, Cologne Germany

••Centro di Creazione e Cultura, Italy

••Subjective Values Foundation, Hungary

••Synergy of Music Theatre, Greece

••Associació Rutes i Origens, Spain

••Amsterdam Roots Festival, Netherlands

Visit art27.art and learn more!