'The Independent Music Show Magazine' June 2018 - Page 17

Featured Artist

11 - 05 - 2018

Christy Angeletti is embarking on a new journey

with her exciting all girl band - Christy's Angels.

They will be doing shows and touring the

Southeast US. They are kicking it off the first

of November, 2017. These gals are a great, fun

and extremely talented group of musicians.

Hope you all get a chance to see the

Christy's Angels rock out live!

Christy Angeletti has also finished her

long awaited album Train Wreck. She

worked with great producers,

musicians and recording studios in Los Angeles California to put

this epic 15 song album together. Train Wreck will be releasing late this fall.

Christy Angeletti is a cutting-edge singer/songwriter whose charming allure is only surpassed by her amazing sense of connection to the human experience

and her ability to express it in song.

A charismatic mix of insightfulness and hippie-chic sensitivity, enhanced by a whimsical yet kickass attitude, Christy Angeletti's writing articulates the sensibilities of the generation through her perspective. "I love to write songs that evoke emotion; songs that have a little attitude and tell things how they are."

With a mischievous smile and sensuous magnetism, Christy's stage presence isspellbinding. "There is something magical about performing live in front of a huge audience; I come to life."

Truly dedicated to her craft, Christy Angeletti, the passionate artist, is continuously cultivating; tirelessly singing and writing, creating with heart and soul. "Everything leads you to where you are now and everything now will lead me to where I’m going. It’s performing and singing that drives me to a place of which I cannot get enough. It’s my world and I love it."