'The Independent Music Show Magazine' June 2018 - Page 16

Ian Franklin is a dynamic singer, songwriter and guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area,

performing as an acoustic solo artist and with his band, Infinite Frequency inspired by many types of

music – fueling both a diverse sound and a style uniquely his own, never void of passion. He mixes the best of modern pop, roots, classic-rock, funk, and 70’s soul.

Born in California, Franklin was home-schooled and obtained his first guitar at the age of 12. He was

immediately swept away by its music, power and poetry. His parents were great musical influences,

exposing Ian to a wide range of music, including the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder.

Franklin began writing original songs at the age of 13 and joined his first band at 16. He’s played with a

number of ensembles, some of which received awards for their outstanding performances.

Franklin’s songs pull from his creative imagination and are often fueled by personal experience. He enjoys

using his music to connect with his fans – promoting awareness about issues that he feels deserve attention or simply helping to provide listeners relief from the daily stressors of life through a truly fun and entertaining

live and recorded performance.

Ian Franklin’s debut album, “Breaking Grounds” (Petting Zoo Records out of Oakland), features a diverse collection of songs inspired by modern pop, roots, classic-rock, funk and 70’s soul.  With songs about life,

love, and heartbreak, this album takes the listener on a journey toward self-awakening.  Using

imagery and sound, it invites the listener to give in and embrace the moment.

“Breaking Grounds” features a cast of talented San Francisco musicians, and in true Bay Area

spirit, there is no shying away from letting loose and jamming.  The album takes the

listener on a trip through psychedelic wailing guitar solos, horns pops (Adam Theis

and Mike Olmos of Jazz Mafia, and Mark Growden), keyboard odysseys (Eric Levy of

Garaj Mahal and Night Ranger), and drum grooves (Paul Spina of Frog Brigade and

Groundation) that are sure to get the body moving. The highly melodic and tight

rhythmic interplay on this recording will harken the listener back to a time when

musicianship, not just style, played an essential role in rock & roll.

Stay tuned for much more from this fresh artist.

Ian Franklin

Feature Artist