'The Independent Music Show Magazine' July 2022 - Page 5

Ria Rua is a modern Irish female electronic art-pop singer, songwriter, and producer. After spending years as a professional drummer and touring the world with orchestras, she decided to take a chance on her own material. Her first three releases received national radio play in Ireland and the UK, and she was nominated for 2020 International Artist of the Year by a UK radio station.

Ria Rua’s first-rate musicianship soars to new heights with her track ‘Bad Girl.’ From the well-formed turn of phrase to rich musicianship, this bewitching track is intricately crafted. Crisp vocals swirl around infectious rhythms and dark electronic

pulses, while tropical embellishments and edgy indie textures add depth and colour

to a tantalizing luring sound-scape. Within moments the listener is captivated and

in awe of the superb display of skilful production.

Add to that her multi-instrumentalist skills as a drummer, guitarist as well

as strong technical skills, her productions are excellent', her artistic style

is not only reflected across her music, but can also be seen in her album


RIA RUA is a modern Irish female hyper-pop singer, songwriter and


RIA writes about power, love, obsession and control.

RIA will be playing gigs in Ireland, Germany and Switzerland in


About "Breathe" Breathe is about standing up to bullies.

Lyrically Ria pulls no punches. She exudes an empowering

attitude through witty lyrics, which at times cuts deep like a

knife. Radiating swagger and sass throughout, Ria’s wonderful,

pristine vocal delivery heightens the honest lyrical approach.

‘Bad Girl’ is a fantastic display of production wizardry and deft

song-writing ability. Ria Rua. is a talented artist and one to get

very excited about.

Indie Buddie Sessions: Ria Ruaext