'The Independent Music Show Magazine' July 2022 - Page 3

Tupelo Lime is made up of outlaw americana/country singer-songwriter Gram Phillips and his compadres: Philip hill and Claire Hamburger. Acclaimed as a lyricist who writes powerful songs, Gram transforms his imperfections to perfection with tales of the American epic: hardship and joy, addiction and death, affliction and love.

A long time resident of Maryland, with a British father and American mother, Gram grew up in a world split between the US and the UK. Leaving home at 18 he spent decades snaking down the wilted back roads of America, working as needed, looking for gigs, looking for life, all the while storing fragments of words and poetry, images and people and places, in his head.

Steadying a wandering life in the UK, these fragments became songs, the songs became music and the music became a growing body of work. Produced by Alexander Banks at Drill Hall Studios in deepest darkest Suffolk, the new Tupelo Lime single release continues the explorations of Grams’ previous work. Riding a different road, 'Girl From New Orleans' which brings the raw wail of electric guitar to the Tupelo Lime sound. A Fender Strat on reverb and tape echo creates a single noted rhythm over the subtle tones of piano and distorted acoustic guitar, all making headway under the gravel and tone of the vocals.

To be released on Bandcamp, March 25 2022, 'Girl From New Orleans' is classic Alt-Country: Original, authentic, heartfelt and raw. It draws on the work of Richard Buckner, the Jayhawks, and Son Volt in creating a narrative that is true to the soul, the beating heart of Americana..

Outlaw Americana music. Explorations of hardship and joy, harshness and suffering, addiction and redemption, love and death. True Americana within the beating heart of Country Music, with a social soul

Outlaw Americana:

Influenced by years spent travelling the American Landscape, the music of Tupelo Lime fits no specific genre. It is a blend of Country, Folk and Southern Rock, tinged with blues, psychedelia, and cowpunk. True Americana, the beating heart of country music with a social soul.