'The Independent Music Show Magazine' July 2022 - Page 28

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Today's spotlight is on

a highly credited publicity firm known as:

Danie Cortese Entertainment

* Prior to opening their firm in 2001, Danie Cortese was a

successful touring artist/songwriter & musician.

* Danie's personal experience, knowledge & a massive music, film, media & TV

network drives her business.

* Her staff of 8 is multi-lingual, ideal for International promotion.

* They've been in business for 20 years.

* They've promoted over 5000 famous celebrities, indie artists, bands, composers, producers,

actors, films & television shows from all over the world: Emmy, Grammy winning.

* Under DCE's guidance, many of their clients have surpassed the odds & entered a life of


* Their strength: build media support & worldwide notoriety for you, your project.

* Their promotions are proven effective & strategically designed to give you

everything you need to succeed.

Visit them @ www.daniecorteseent.com

& use special promo code TOMTOM

to receive special discounted rates.