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The Moose Movement!


Regular readers will be aware I live and work full time from the Road in two internet TV ready Campervans (RV’s), one this side and one Stateside “The Medicine Show Radio Moose Mobiles”. I am actually at

Loch Ness in the Euro Moose as i type scouting for venues and The Merican Moose is stationed at Calgary in Canada. The Moose Idea is the Euro Moose helps non European independent artists tour here, the Canadian Moose help European or non Canadian Independent artists tour in Canada and Euro artists on the American continent in general depending where it is. While doing so they are, with your help and others that follow them on social media, broadcasting from all events to a growing audience and making friends everywhere while becoming a really powerful publicity machine that help support Community Radio, Community Venues, Community Festivals and helps propagate and support house concerts across 2 continents. Alberta folk music doyen Ruth Purves Smith our Canadian Moose partner, is currently helping Texans Hogan and Moss tour in Canada, I’m about to do 10 dates with Joshua Trees Pat Kearns in Scotland and will then host Ruth here in August (for the first time) and we together will be taking a Scottish artists to traverse Canada on the “Auld Scotia to Nova Scotia Stravaige” in the Autumn, this is all done by public funding and your kind donation.


Our aim is to have as many Moose as we can encourage working in as many areas and countries as possible, we already have inspired at least 2 people we have met on the road to buy Campervans and hit the road in the Moose Spirit, we want to help more Artist to do the same.


On the 4rth of July “Independence day” three years ago I also declared independence and set out on this

wondrous adventure, since then both Moose have visited 14 countries, 4 Canadian Provinces, 26 US States and the Navajo Nation, traversing some 120,000 miles and supporting and visiting countless

Festivals, shows, radio and tv stations, record launches, house concerts, town festivals and community venues. One of the greatest compliments I've ever recieved for this work came from Marion Henderson, widow of Townes Van Zandt favourite songwriter the late great Tim Henderson, when she describe me as a Johnny Apple Seed of music. The Moose, Ruth and I are always made to feel welcome. We have no idea how many house concerts we have propagated, or indeed how many extra tickets we’ve sold for how many shows in the same way as Johnny never counted how many apple trees grew in his wake, but we remain committed to planting those seeds of harmony and enjoying their fruits. So to that end, we as we enter a new phase we are trying to support the establishment of more Moose Mobiles, more House Concerts and more community festivals with more vigour. 

This month I will launch “The Medicine Show Moose Pop up

Events” an initiative to bring more extraordinary events to

more extraordinary venues, with a profit share system built in to go directly to the artists playing and help selling the tickets for all Moose events.

They will all be Camper Van and Camping free and friendly

venues and we will fit the  venues to the demand for tickets (there’s the trick).  I am going to use 2019 to scout for venues for The Moose Spring Fling Festival but at bthe same time asking our followers to advance buy tickets on the strength of the events and festivals we already organise and have established over the years.  

We launch “The Medicine Show Moose Pop Up Events” this month at three Festivals we are involved in this summer Doune The Rabit Hole, The Heart Of Hawick Festival and Belladrum Festival and will be marketing it all and selling the idea as we go and the idea and ticket sales will be helping finance our travels too.  It is my hope I will be here this time next year after a successful event announcing at least one more Moose and at least one more independent artist on the road in it full time, that’s the goal. email rob@medicinemusic.co.uk for more info on how to get involved and how to benefit.


The game is afoot the Moose is spreading out and popping up.

Follow the journey and The Moose @


Thanks for taking the time of day with me.

Rob Ellen

Rob Ellen