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The Featured Artist Radio Promotion

Is a Nine Week Guaranteed Radio Airplay, Magazine & Social Media Campaign

A Sponsorship Proposal

1. 'The Independent Music Show' is now Syndicated on Multiple Prime International Radio Stations, comprising Internet,

AM & FM formats.

Our listenership is in The Millions, from the Small Stations we Broadcast on to the Largest.

Our Reputation within the Music and Entertainment Industry is built on Honesty, Integrity, Professional Expertise and Reliability.

Check; https://theindependentmusicshow.com/#!/page_PROMOTIONS to see what Artists, Bands and Promoters say about us.

2. Listener Statistics.

Here is a small sample statistic from a few of our syndication stations:

3. Source:

RADIO CITY FM (RCFM) is the new metropolitan radio in the Rhine-Ruhr area of North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), produced in the English language in the heart of the Ruhr region. Distribution takes place via FM and Online.

RCFM approximately have between 11.000 and 16.000 listeners per hour on FM at present and a potential lisenership upwards of 6 million.

4. Source: The #1 Internet Radio Station Chain for College, Underground and Independent Music. Broadcasting worldwide

24/7/365.  College Underground Radio plays a variety of Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Dance, Alternative and other genres.  



Is to offer an Exclusive Sponsorship Participation including 'The Featured Artist Promotion' segment on 'The Independent Music Show'.

The show will work with just One Forward Thinking Sponsor, to enhance both the Brand and Product of that Sponsor to listeners, throughout the world, within the independent music scene, as well as Ongoing Promotion of 'The Independent Music Show', Artists Writers and Bands.

This Sponsorship Branding is being offered to Companies within and without the Entertainment Industry, because...Producers, Musicians, Bands, Recording Studios as well as Listeners, are all potential consumers of your Brand or product.

Associate your Brand-Name with the Promotion of the Independent Music Scene and 'The Independent Music Show' Internationally.

Offering; Full Exclusive Sponsorship Participation Inclusive of...

1. 0n air Brand Sponsorship and full integrated website sponsorship advertising, exclusive to a partnership Sponsor only.

2. A full 2 minuets of on air audio sponsorship branding jingles as well as referencing 'The Featured Artist Promotion'

exclusive Sponsor throughout the show.

3. 'The Independent Music Show' Newsletter, Magazine and Website would also be used in conjunction with integrated

branding and product advertising of the exclusive sponsor on all internet social and international promotion.

4. A negotiated price on the full integrated package that would suit the sponsorship purse.

5. Ongoing consultation with sponsor on new promotional ideas from either 'The Independent Music Show' or Sponsor.

Check out 'The Independent Music Show' website and if you think this Proposal can be the Platform to enhance your Brand or Product....

Contact Tom.

Email; [email protected]

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