'The Independent Music Show Magazine' January 2023 | Page 10

Dennis DiChiaro is an American Songwriter/Publisher who composes

and produces 9 to 12 songs per year. He masters them in Nashville TN

and at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama, and considers himself

beyond Blessed to work with the most renowned and talented musicians

in the world.

Dennis has written many hits songs recorded by well known artists in

the past.

Produced by Pepper Jay.

Another great track by John Michael. He just keeps on going.

Dennis DiChiaro "She Feels The Same"

GENRE: Pop Rock

"Pour Me Again" - GENRE: COUNTRY

"Baby Blue"

Robin Roberts & Billie Preston "I Love Lucy"


"I wrote this song for my daughter Lucy when she was a senior in High School.

I cried a few tears during the process. I played it at her Graduation Sunday service. I'm really happy to have it recorded. It was on my bucket list."


Mike Trabulsie's 7 Veritas "The Hunter"


Artist Rock Records is pleased to release “The Hunter” from “Mike Trabulsie’s 7 Veritas”.

This is an exciting song with a contemplative lyric. The word “hunter”is used in the

broader sense of a “person who is searching for something”. The lyric suggests

that we are all “hunters”. Ultimately, each one of us must overcome fear, doubt,

the unknown, and rise up to the many challenges in our life. Time is short,

“time moves like water to the well”!


John Michael Ferrari "Forever Is Not Enough"

GENRE: Americana