'The Independent Music Show Magazine' February 2021 | Page 3

Featured Artist

15 / 01 / 2021

The Key Rocks, is a solo project offering inspiration to anyone that has a desire to write music that it is absolutely possible to record and release it with decent production quality and without breaking the bank. It’s the work of 48 year old Irishman Kevin James Murphy, and this Americana Irish rock project sees limited production as he keeps it simple with his LoFi approach to acoustic-influenced rock. The album is an interesting mixture of laid-back laments and more upbeat tracks such as Casanova.

Kevin presently lives in The but has been living in various

parts of the world over the past 28 years or so and a guitar

has always been close by as his travelling companion. He

believes there is too much focus in the world at the moment

on overproduction, being perfect, and the expectation that

everyone needs to live up to a certain image. He started the

project to work against that concept, so armed with an

iMac, Logic Pro, a couple of guitars and a piano in his

living room, he recorded, produced and subsequently

released and promoted the songs on the album.

Kevin James Murphy is an Irish musician, producer

and executive producer who records as The Key

Rocks. He believes that there is way too much

focus in the world at the moment on being

perfect. Perhaps we should reflect that maybe

its time to have less of that approach and

release music in a raw and honest production

and at a fraction of the cost!

He strives for a raw simple sound. He doesn’t  

agree with overproduction. Every song is recorded in a

maximum of two or three takes. He plays all the

instruments and tries to write honestly with all of the  songs

being based on direct or indirect real personal experiences

and exposures over the past decades.

Kevin is presently recording

his next album which will be

available for release in the

new year.

A Musician with a LoFi

approach, limited production,

keeping it simple and basic,

going with the flow

and limited takes.

Acoustic influenced