'The Independent Music Show Magazine' August 2022 - Page 3

Calvyn Cass

Feature Artist - 26/August/2022

Calvyn Cass is an artist carving out his own lane in a culture conflicted with change. With many in the world embracing

the flamboyant rise of artistic expression, Calvyn dives right

in. His soulful voice is inspired by artists he loves; Celine

Dion, Destiny's Child, Bryan Adams, Brian McKnight, KC &

JOJO and Mariah Carey, to name a few. The 90s pop era

influences his lyrical writing style while the music fuses

early 2000s sounds with today's modern pop twist.

When it comes to his imagery, he goes all out. "For so

much of my life I didn't want to stand out. I was bullied

for being different and when I didn't know how

I was different I would just imitate the guys around

me to 'blend in'. It wasn't until I accepted my

sexuality that I embraced the fact I appear more

feminine. I can't control my natural features looking

more feminine but I can control how I present

them. I used to want to fight it but now I lean in.

I'd rather stand in my light and be over the top than

allow other to silence me anymore."

Calvyn moved to Canada from South Africa in 2001.

"The culture in South Africa definitely places men in

the stereotypical masculine role.

Calvyn's music always comes from an intense place. A

lot of his earlier years and experiences with cultural/life

changes give him a unique perspective. "Everyone is going

through something. My songs are sometimes about my

experience and sometimes the things I see people I love experiencing. My goal is to write in a way that anyone could

listen to my song and think of a time in their lives they felt

that way." When it comes to creating imagery to embody a

song, Calvyn says, "more is more. I love playing dress up and

bringing my imagination to life. I've got an amazing team of

people around me who cheer me on and lend their talents too.

My goal is to do what Gaga did and have a creative team to

constantly challenge ourselves with being inventive. It's about music meeting art for me."

When asked what to expect from Calvyn, he said, "I have big goals. I want to create music that stands the test of time and that moves people. I want to represent the people who stand in the shadows too afraid to be seen. Expect the most."