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Dominic Argiro is an Independent singer/guitarist and songwriter from New Jersey creating multi layered instrumentation with unique but simple melodies that anyone can enjoy. Dominic has been recording new music for years and studied music at both Berklee College of Music as well as Five Towns Music College and has developed a style heavily influenced by groups like The Eagles and Garth Brooks but with his own unique guitar style and melodies worked into the material. Pop/Rock with definite country influences. Hailing originally from Long Island New York, Dominic spent his early years out playing and honing is performing, singing and instrumental talents and is fluent in guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and also saxophone.

Dominic has been creating music for several years and built a loyal following of several thousand of social media on Sound cloud, Twitter and Spotify (links below) and has had songs played on several international and college radio outlets, such as HGB Radio, WXIN 90.7 Rhode Island College radio , WOAFM99 UK radio and u-Rock radio Montreal , WPPB radio LA and many others just to name a few.

He hopes to continue to expand access to his music to a new fan base and reach new markets with a long term goal of obtaining a recording contract as

a performer or possibly as a songwriter. Dominic has elaborate experience as a live performer and works with and also enjoys working with other artists.

Check out the attached reviewed on a popular music blog of several of Dominic’s songs https://stereostickman.com/reviews/dominic-argiro-lets-dance-tonight-another-day/

Also a review by popular internet radio station RadioAirplay said of Dominic’s song “Lets Dance Tonight”. "Don't ever stop, just be who you are and the world will come to you." What a beautiful line. Thank you for spreading that positivity. We really enjoyed the vibe of the track. The track showed that you have a versatile style and are easily able to create a positive, uplifting, celebratory style. We loved your classic rock sound with a modern twist. Your artwork was also extremely professional. Looking forward to hearing your next track!

Dominic has received over 2.1 million plays on Sound cloud with several thousand likes, reposts and positive comments on his music and hopes to continue to grow in the pop/country/rock field as a solo artist or possibly as part of a band arrangement.

Dominic Argiro



19 - 07 -2019