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Featured Artist - 09/August/2019


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2.O.F is the brain child of producer/writer and multi instrumentalist Tim Milliken. The band consists of various musicians, dancers, performers and artists all bound together by a love for music. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee and London, Tim is crafting his own genre of dance orientated pop music for a worldwide audience. Counting high profile names like Boy George amongst his fanbase,

Tim has been writing and producing music for years out of shear love for music.

As a band, the idea behind Tim’s project 2.O.F was to formulate a completely new brand of music to bring it to the forefront, blending a variety of styles and genres to create something beautiful. Essentially 2.O.F is about breaking the mould of pop and becoming the most unconventional, unorthodox, and exciting act possible.

The debut single from 2.O.F is upbeat and exciting, uncompromising and surprising in equal measure. It is music that inspires you to do something different and picks you up on a gloomy day. A combination of both the new and the old, 2.O.F are doing something different with conventional channels to music. They don’t care about accolades or praise they just want to make music that people can enjoy and invest in.

Music for 2.O.F is not about high profile names or locations associated with pop stardom, music to them is about passion, creativity, love and strength all of which is condensed and put into the craft and performance of their songs.

The meaning of 2.O.F means ‘Two on Fire’ which is exactly what the performance collective want to become. With an arsenal of future classic’s under their belt it is only a matter of time before 2.O.F becomes a household name.

EP title: The Machine

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