'The Independent Music Show Magazine' August 2019 - Page 16


African Roots Rock Reggae

Home Town

Accra, Ghana

Record Label

Prophetic Music Productions

Growing up on the streets of Ghana, Prophet endured a poverty-striken childchood. Music, he concluded, was the only way to escape the tough life on the streets.

Prophet has played in over 30 countries, appearing in festivals and nightclubs in countries as diverse as Switzerland, Jamaica, Ghana, Belgium, Sweden, Germany etc.

Singer-songwriter and musician, Cat Thompson has opened for major international acts such as Hip Hop artist "Eve" and RnB singer "Lloyd".

She performs and tours nationally and internationally with her team of back up dancers.

Her new single "Walk Away" is now available on iTunes, Amazon and the Google Play store.

Official Website: http://catthompsonmusic.com/

From: CT, United States


Rock, Blues Rock, Pop Rock

Tony Deziel began playing the guitar at age fifteen, and within two and a half years was teaching professionally in a local music store. Inspired at an early age by the Beatles,

Tony practiced hour upon hour, learning and absorbing all that he could, studying both the guitar playing and songwriting of his favorite artists.

After four years of teaching in a music store, Tony began teaching privately, and currently

maintains a roster of at least 30 students. Through the Registry of Guitar Teachers in Canada,

Tony is currently one of ten guitar teachers in the United States certified to offer the London College of Music Exams in guitar and music theory.