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scott shipley


19 - april 2019

Scott Shipley is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and a sixth generation 'card-totin Hillbilly' from the Missouri Ozarks.

Born into a family with a musical background, Scott began

performing at the age of five. After announcing to his parents at

the age of three that he was "going to play music for a living" when he grew up, they went into the studio and hit the road. His first bunk on the family tour bus was a bus wheel. He literally grew up on the road. In his nearly four decades in the business, Scott's travels have taken him across 48 states, five continents, and 27 countries.

Scott has been blessed to share the stage with many of his musical heroes such as Johnny Cash, Bill Monroe, Porter Wagoner,

Kid Rock, and many others in every genre of music. Known for his 'without a net' style, his performances range from edge of your seat lightning fast Bluegrass, to classic Rock & Roll, to deep swamp blues, to his own unique brand of Hillbilly music. He's as likely to cover an Edgar Allan Poe poem as he is to do a Johnny Cash medley.

When performing solo, he incorporates a bevy of instruments from guitars of every flavor, to dulcimer, mandolin, banjo,

pedal steel guitar, harmonica, drums which he plays with his feet while playing guitar with his hands, to his most recent inclusion.......the theremin. All of these things combined make for a musical experience to remember!

Like the Key Imperial overalls he wears, Scott Shipley is an American Original. From his haunting dramatic lyrics and voice, to his look that is a mix of mutton chop sideburn wearing farm boy and tattooed modern goth-infused darkness, everything about him is all Scott Shipley. A quick wit and a wicked grin helps to disarm even the staunchest critic, and leaves those around him with an appetite for his tales of real life told by a man who has lived it.

Scott's move to the center stage mic comes as no surprise to those who have long

respected his unique style and integrity. He is a walking juxtaposition: a throwback from days gone by with a vision for the future.

Scott Shipley has spent his entire life gathering stories of sorrow,

guilt, happiness, pain, and virtue and taken them all to make original music out of all these life experiences, told in a fashion that will make you thirst for each lyric with anticipation of the melodic movement of a life lived.


Voted #1 mandolin player in the US under the age of 16 by The Society For The Preservation Of Bluegrass Music In America (SPBGMA) in 1983, having been runner up in 1982.

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