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Your voice expresses your heart – share it, sing it, shout it. This is the K-Syran mantra…

With a US Billboard chart hit, three Top 10 dance smashes and a hugely successful album ‘Smoke In My Veins’, K-Syran is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most in-demand live performers.

Her delicious melodic fusion of Classical, pop, rock, jazz and techno influences blend gorgeously together to create K-Syran’s distinctly unique sound; a sound that’s led her to become the enviable global anthem for International Women’s Day.

K-Syran, is a director, writer, actress and singer-songwriter who’s most well known for her acting achievements on stage and screen including ‘Voyage in the Dark’ at The Young Vic. Her film roles are notable including “Don’t Miss The Cup” with Tamsin Greig, and and lead in a forthcoming movie called “Espere”.

However, K-Syran’s stunning soprano voice always led her to sing in each of her productions as her tender vocals always got her noticed. With her father being a professional drummer, K-Syran was deeply inspired by music from a very young age.

K-Syran nurtured her voice as lead vocalist for a number of groups including, a Jazz-group based in Montreux, a hard Rock- group in Geneva and rock- group, Daje Zik, plus a UK tour with the pop legends, Blue. But it’s as a solo artist that K-Syran is enjoying the greatest success.

Throughout 2016, K-Syran has enjoyed collaborations with big pop names, global producers and some of the world’s most in demand DJs. In the summer of ’16 her cheeky pop single ‘Hello’ smashed into the US Billboard charts, where it stayed all season as she embraced the newly emerging ‘social’ era by delivering a Snapchat video to keep in touch with her fans.

‘Hello’ later became the anthem for World Hello Day in the Autumn of that year – proof that K-Syran’s music has the power to connect with the masses on every level.

“The power and joy of song has the ability to comfort and inspire each individual, whatever their situation may be, which is why I’ve given my song ‘Intimacy’ as a gift to every woman.”

Writing lyrics, and using it to express her feelings, is something that K-Syran tries to do daily. “I write lyrics everyday. I could become inspired by a quote, an image, a smell, a feeling… melodies will suddenly pop into my head and I will record them on my phone. When I work in the studio, I’ll bring my lyrics with me and start to improvise. From there, I pick out the best of the improvs and record them.”

The K-Syran story is only just starting to glow – watch for the explosion, it’s coming!