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The Permian Basin Counseling & Guidance , Inc . Comes to Lea County

The Permian Basin Counseling & Guidance , Inc . Comes to Lea County

The Foundation is excited to support a new organization to help address the behavioral health needs of Lea County residents . Permian Basin Counseling & Guidance , Inc . ( PBCG ) is a part of the San Angelo-based West Texas Counseling & Guidance organization . PBCG expanded into southeastern New Mexico in 2021 , in Carlsbad , with the help of the Permian Strategic Partnership . PBCG reached out to the Foundation for startup support for an office in Hobbs to serve more Lea County residents . They have provided some services in Jal and Hobbs since 2021 , but a permanent location would enable them to hire more staff and increase the number of clients served in a meaningful way .

According to a brief by USA Facts in June 2021 , the nation needs an additional 6,398 mental health providers to fill the needs in our country . New Mexico has a shortage of 64.9 % mental health providers . In New Mexico , the average population to mental health provider ratio is 260:1 , and in Lea County , the ratio is 880:1 . Lea County is ranked 31 out of 32 counties in New Mexico for clinical provider ratios . Our community is significantly underserved . We are encouraged by the work of PBCG in Carlsbad and West Texas and look forward to them serving our community alongside other great organizations like Guidance Center , Nor-Lea , American Medical , Southwest Guidance & Counseling , and others who are on the frontlines providing services to our families , friends , and neighbors .
PBCG will provide services in :
Individual counseling Couples counseling Family therapy Play therapy
Veteran services PTSD counseling Grief and loss Addiction
Eating disorders Depression Anxiety counseling