The Impact - JF Maddox Foundation July 2022 | Page 5

# MissionMoments
Counting Down the Days , the New Covenant Hospital is Coming Soon !
Is construction on schedule ?
“ We are scheduled to see our first patient in the new facility mid-September ,” stated Bush . “ There have been some delays ,” remarked White , “ but the construction team has overcome them and remain on schedule .”
How is employee morale as you start to near the transition to the new facility ?
“ Morale is high ,” stated Bush . “ People are all very eager to move to the new facility , but also anxious for the work it takes to move to the new location .” The new equipment and technologies will help improve service , but there is always a learning curve with this kind of transition . “ People are excited about the new facility , but also anxious for the work of moving and orienting to the new technology and location .”
Next steps
There are two big events happening in Covenant ’ s work in Lea County . First , the Covenant Health System Foundation will be hosting a fundraising gala on August 27th at the Lea County Event Center . Buy your tickets and support the work of Covenant in Lea County by contacting Bevin England , englandmb1 @ covhs . org . Then mark your calendar for September 8 , 2022 . Covenant will have an open-house celebration to show off the new facility before they start taking patients later in the month .