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Counting Down the Days , the New Covenant Hospital is Coming Soon !

Counting Down the Days

The new Covenant Hospital is coming soon !

The Foundation approved a $ 6.3 million grant to support the development of a new hospital with Covenant in 2019 . We could not have imagined what would transpire since then . A global pandemic , swings in the economy , and political shifts have all made the last few years a complex jungle to navigate . However , Covenant has been steadily working toward completion on the new hospital facility located across from the CORE on the corner of Lovington Highway and Millen Drive . The opening of the facility is scheduled for mid-September . David Reed , Chief Operations Officer with the JF Maddox Foundation sat down with two of the hospital ’ s administrators to ask a few questions . Shannon Bush is a project manager at Covenant Hobbs and has spent many years living in Lea County . Bruce White is the interim CEO for Covenant Health Hobbs Hospital and the Vice President , Regional Rural Administrator with Covenant .

What will change with the new facility ?
The footprint will be smaller than the current facility , but the layout will create more room where it is needed . “ The old model of care was to create a facility where patients would stay for long periods . The care environment today is meant to keep you out of the hospital ,” stated Bush . “ There is more space where it is needed , like the labor and delivery units , and a more efficient footprint where possible ,” said Bush . “ We will also have equipment like a new mammogram machine and other technologies that fit within smaller floor plans .”
What services can we expect ?
The services will remain the same for now . “ We [ Covenant ] will focus on primary hospital services like emergency care , labor and delivery , and our operating room ,” says White . After the providers have transitioned to the new facility it will give Covenant more room to look at new providers and recruit more heavily . Changes to services may be more gradual .
Bruce White Interim CEO
Has much progress been made in practitioner recruitment ?
The pandemic slowed down recruitment . Covenant has been working diligently with some of its partners to create a pipeline of practitioners that will feed into the network . “ We have made great advancements in our residency programs ,” stated White . “ We have regional connections with universities , such as Texas Tech University and the Burrell College of Medicine , in Las Cruces that will create a pipeline effect of providers .”
Shannon Bush Project Manager