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Key NATO and Allied exercises in 2019 Information supplied by NATO Public Diplomacy Division In addition to military exercises, the Alliance organises civilian and political training events as well. Allies also train together in national and multi-national exercises. NATO AND ALLIED EXERCISES IN NUMBERS In 2018, NATO conducted 103 exercises with 51 NATO exercises open to partners. In addition, Allies separately held 183 national and multinational exercises. NATO Allies and partners conduct exercises to test procedures and tactics, develop best practices and identify areas for improvement. Exercises are designed to ensure that NATO forces are trained, able to operate together and ready to respond to any threat from any direction. NATO exercises vary in scope, duration and form. Live exercises can involve thousands of troops; they aim to demonstrate and develop the extensive military capabilities that NATO Allies need to keep our nations safe. Computer-assisted exercises take place in a classroom and focus on procedures. For 2019, a total of 102 NATO exercises are planned; 39 of them are open to partner participation. Allies reported that they will conduct 208 national and multinational exercises. The exercises led by NATO and Allies this year include around 25 exercises primarily focused on the land domain, 27 exercises focused on the air domain, and 12 exercises focused mainly on maritime operations. Many other exercises train specific functions or skills such as cyber defence, crisis response decision-making, Chemical, Biological, Radiological Nuclear defense, logistics, communications and medical. TRANSPARENCY The Alliance respects all its international obligations with regard to military exercises. Under the OSCE Vienna Document, exercises must be notified by their host nations to OSCE member states 42 days in advance if exceeding 9,000 troops. Observation is required starting at 13,000 troops. In line with these requirements, NATO military exercises are open to international observers. Many NATO exercises are open to partners beyond the Alliance. International organisations, including the European Union, are also invited to observe or participate in NATO exercises. As part of this commitment to transparency, NATO exercises are announced months in advance and published at: www.shape.nato.int/ exercises All of this highlights the defensive and transparent nature of our training activities. EXERCISE DATE LOCATION RAMSTEIN GUARD Every Month Different locations DYNAMIC MANTA 25 February – 9 March Italy / Mediterranean Sea POSEIDON 1 – 8 March Black Sea NATO-GEORGIA EXERCISE 18 – 29 March Georgia LOCKED SHIELDS 9 – 11 April Estonia RAMSTEIN ALLOY 1, 2 and 3 15 – 17 April / 24 – 26 June / 17 – 19 September Baltic States JOINT WARRIOR 22 April – 5 May United Kingdom SPRING STORM 29 April – 10 May Estonia NOBLE JUMP 19 24 May – 14 June NATO HQs / Poland SUMMER SHIELD 2 – 15 June Latvia BALTOPS 3 – 22 June Poland and Baltic Sea SABER GUARDIAN 3 – 24 June Bulgaria / Romania / Hungary TOBRUQ LEGACY 19 3 – 19 June Poland DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 22 June – 11 July Norway TRIDENT JACKAL 19 23 September – 10 October Norway / Spain STEADFAST FLOW 19 23 – 27 September Turkey CYBER COALITION 18 – 23 November Estonia 6 SUMMER 2019 the imjin @HQARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps