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Keep your home and yourself safe in the summer months It’s summertime, and with longer light days, we spend more time outdoors in the garden, or out and about visiting places. We’d like to remind residents to be extra vigilant and ensure the security of their home and items. GLOUCESTER POLICE CONTACT NUMBERS Should you see or hear anything suspicious in your street, please report it immediately to the Police: Non-emergency 101 Emergency 999 • • Shut and lock doors and windows when you’re upstairs, in the garden or just popped next door. Don’t leave the key in the front & back doors. • • Keep your car and house keys away from windows and doors, in a secure place. • • Shut and lock gates into your back garden, and secure sheds & garages. • • Put away any items into your house, shed or garage. • • Keep your vehicle locked, and lock any valuables in the boot. • • If you have a key-less or proximity entry system, ensure that you store the keys out-of-range within your house. • • Don’t share your location and holidays on social media; upload your posts and photos after the event. • • Use time switches on lamps, downstairs and upstairs, at the front and back of the house. Going away over the summer leave period If you are going away over the summer leave period, remember to: • • Cancel milk, papers, and other regular deliveries. • • Ensure sheds, garages, back/garden gates, windows and doors are securely locked. • • Use timer switches, upstairs and downstairs. • • Tell your neighbours that you will be away, and give them your contact number. There is lots of safety & security advice for your house/property, when on holiday, attending festivals/events, keeping safe online, advice for children/vehicles/pets, on the Gloucestershire Police website www.gloucestershire.police.uk – Staying Safe. Bicycle Safety To keep your bicycle safe, take a photograph of the bicycle and its features, record the serial/frame number and any accessories/ distinguishing features, mark it with a forensic kit, and keep it secured and locked inside a garage, shed or house. It is advisable to register your bicycle, and this can be done FOR FREE at www.bikeregister.com. Groups / ARRC Community the imjin SUMMER 2019 25