'the imjin' magazine Summer 2019 - Page 24

WELFARE – HOUSING Post for previous occupant of SFA New Look Change of name for housing contractor The contractor responsible for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) has changed to Amey Defence Services, known more simply as ‘AMEY’. Formerly managed as a joint venture with Carillion, the new deal sees AMEY take over responsibility for the repair and maintenance of service family homes. The telephone number has remained the same – 0800 707 6000 – but their website and email addresses have changed. New AMEY contact details: Website www.ameydefenceservices.co.uk Twitter @Ameyplc Housing Repairs NHPHelpdesk@ameydefenceservices.co.uk Housing Allocations occupancyservices@ameydefenceservices.co.uk Customer Care customercare@ameydefenceservices.co.uk SFA occupants meeting At the recent Occupants Meeting, various issues were discussed including – street lighting in the SFA area, the hedge reduction programme, showers, house security, garage defenders, and the communication of problems from residents to the Amey helpdesk to the workman. Please do come along to these meetings to raise your concerns, problems and issues - both positive and negative - about your SFA or the SFA areas, with representatives from the Station, DIO, Amey, and the local police. Details of the next meeting will be advertised on the Community Facebook site – and via e-mails to unit departments If you have a housing issue between meetings, do contact the Housing Officer Paul Wheable at the Welfare Office on 01452 362554 (extension 4554) 24 SUMMER 2019 the imjin When you move into your new SFA, you may receive through the post system correspondence (i.e. letters, bills), addressed to the previous occupant. Please cross through the address and write on the envelope ‘NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS, RETURN TO SENDER’, and re-post through the post system. Do not open the correspondence, as this is against the law. Utility Bills If the correspondence is from a utility company – gas, electricity, water, please bring the envelope and contents to the Welfare Office. We will notify the company of the change of occupancy, and forward the correspondence to the relevant DIO/ Carillion Amey department for their action. Royal Mail Keepsafe Are you concerned about post/mail piling up in your home, whilst you are away on holiday, or other long period? If so, the Royal Mail has a service that holds onto your post/mail for the period you are away. The Service is called ‘Keepsafe’. You can ask for your post to be kept from 17 days to 66 days, at a relevant cost. You can apply for the service online, by post, or by phone. Full details are on the website: www.royalmail.com/ personal/receiving-msil/ keepsafe