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COMARRC’S INTRODUCTION Welcome to the summer edition of the imjin magazine. As I look through this latest edition, I’m reminded what a really busy and interesting place Imjin Barracks is to live and work. There is currently a renewed interest in NATO, not least because the Alliance is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Meanwhile, the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps will also be marking two other significant dates – it’s 75 years since ‘D-Day’ at Normandy, where our forebears, in 1st British Corps, commanded the Allied landings at Sword and Juno beaches, and it’s now 20 years since the ARRC led the intervention in Kosovo in June 1999. So, with this rich heritage and long association with NATO, the ARRC remains as relevant as ever to the Alliance, particularly as we prepare to become the first NATO warfighting corps to be held at readiness since the Cold War. This magazine includes news from Imjin Barracks and beyond. Importantly, it also offers plenty of suggestions as to what to explore in the local area. Lieutenant General Tim Radford CB DSO OBE Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps CONNECT WITH THE ARRC ON SOCIAL MEDIA For the latest on the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps visit our website www.arrc.nato.int For staff and families posted to Imjin Barracks, there is a private Facebook group. Search for ARRC Community and ask to join the group. WORDS FROM THE EDITOR Salut, les amis! I love working for NATO. After two decades serving across the world with the British Army, I find myself feeling very at home here in Gloucester. It must be the camaraderie. Where else can a British Army officer, on their way to work in the morning, receive a cheery ‘hello’ in at least a dozen European languages? Or enjoy sharing a joke about the German army – with the Bundeswehr? But despite the exposure to new military cultures, I am yet to unravel some of the great mysteries of Imjin Barracks. Such as, is there really a secret Italian café within the NATO headquarters serving real espresso coffee? And who planted the fluorescent-pink plastic plant by the pedestrian entrance to camp? www.arrc.nato.int Allied Rapid Reaction Corps In this edition of the imjin we invite you to discover new things about the area. So, we’ve sent the French to taste our most famous local product – Double Gloucester cheese. And we tempt you all to explore the west of England, as our travel feature takes us the furthest you can travel in one day by bus from Gloucester’s new bus station. We’d like to thank our readers for your patience as we have taken the time to redesign the magazine. We hope you enjoy the result. Cordialmente @HQARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Major Laurence Roche EDITOR’S NOTES Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Groups ARRC Community Email: contact@arrc.nato.int Telephone: +44 (0)1452 718007 2 SUMMER 2019 the imjin Cover image: Lance Corporal Anabelle Whitecross of the British Army, with team mates from Gloucester- Hartpury Women’s Rugby Football Club. Taken by Sergeant Jon Bevan RLC. The publication of an advert, article or photo in the imjin does not necessarily reflect the views of the ARRC, Partner nations or UK (MoD). The editor reserves the right to omit, amend or edit any advert, article or photo at the discretion of the HQ without liability. Should you wish to include an article or photo in future editions, please contact the Public Affairs Office on 01452 718007 or email contact@arrc.nato.int the imjin is designed and printed by Manor Printing Services www.manorprinting. co.uk The next edition of the imjin will be issued in July 2019. @HQARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps