'the imjin' magazine Summer 2019 - Page 18

Homage to Fromage Naval French troops give their verdict on our most famous regional product – Double Gloucester cheese Smart’s Farm at Churcham, just 13 minutes’ drive from Innsworth, is home to award-winning Double Gloucester cheese. “Every country makes good cheese in its own right, so it’s down to the cheesemaker and if you put the detail in you’ll get a good cheese.” The farm provides the rounds of Double Gloucester for the infamous ‘cheese roll’ competition at Cooper’s Hill, where cheese-chasers race down the dangerously steep slope to win the cheese. PAS MAL So, the imjin decided to send a group of French NATO troops and family members to taste test our most iconic local food stuff. “And the Gloucester is not too bad. I like it, for me it is a little like a French ‘Cantal’ cheese. TRADITION Cheesemaker Rod Smart explained what makes his cheese so special: “I think it’s tradition, it’s handmade, and it’s matured on shelves which had cheeses matured on twenty, thirty years ago. “And we milk our own cows so we maintain the quality of the product coming in in the first place. It’s all those details, I suppose. Warrant Officers Jean Pierre Phileas from the French army (l’armée de Terre) said: “For us, cheese is like a religion. “But it is really not worth risking your life over.” On the Double – Cheesemaker Rod Smart of Smart’s Farm Smart’s Farm at Old Ley Court, Churcham GL2 8AR can be visited by appointment. Telephone 01452 750225 for details. 18 SUMMER 2019 the imjin @HQARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps