'the imjin' magazine Summer 2019 - Page 13

Back to basics Staffordshire battle camp tests troops’ mettle Lieutenant Alex Gale RLC Brigade troops have conducted a testing ‘battle camp’ in Staffordshire to hone their basic soldiering skills. The camp, held at Swynnerton training area, was made up of various training serials delivered to a total of 96 soldiers from the ARRC Support Battalion. The emphasis was on completing ‘back to basics’ training, with the Battle Craft Syllabus as the golden thread throughout. The idea was to draw upon the wealth of knowledge from SMEs within the diverse range of capbadges in the Battalion. It also aimed to give the troops the opportunity to learn new things about trades and roles that they wouldn’t normally use in their everyday work. TESTING Throughout the eight days, there was an element of competition requiring the commanders and junior soldiers from each section to enhance their own personal leadership skills. Throughout this phase, there was always the real-life support location, providing 24-hour maintenance which included a field kitchen to 217 Royal Signals Squadron. An Infantry SME conducted a ‘GPMG’ machine gun familiarisation stand, with Lance Corporal Jitan Rai (RGR) explaining the various parts of the weapon system and how it functions. Following this was the section attack serial. First, receiving a lesson on the phases of a section attack before doing a walk-through talk-through, before carrying out a full section attack on an enemy position. @comd1SigBde The Royal Engineers of Power Troop led a series of lessons on methods and types of demolition, as well as vehicle search and moving down a lane safely using Vallon mine detectors. The Light Aid Detachment from the REME demonstrated how to recover vehicles in arduous conditions, which the troops enjoyed as they clambered through deep mud in the Cross- Country Driving Area. Corporal Dave Taylor (RLC) led the Cross-Country Driving stand, giving troops from all capbadges the opportunity to practice their driving skills in Land Rovers over rough terrain. The vehicles were also used by Lance Corporal Tam Thapa and Private Bikash Rai (QOGLR) during the art of vehicle camouflage and the importance of concealment. BATTLE DRILLS Sergeant Suman Ghale (QGE) led the CBRN training, with an in-depth lesson culminating in a scenario where a chemical attack has occurred and a casualty evacuation needed to take place. The obstacle course was utilised to diversify physical training, firstly tackling each obstacle one by one before then doing a best effort timed run through in webbing and helmet. All sections competed against each other in the watermanship stand led by Sergeant Suman, building rafts and racing against other sections in the water training area, and observed by both the Commanding Officer and Signal Brigade Commander. Finally, under Corporal Biju Gurung (QOGLR), the troops were broken down into pairs, where they then carried out a timed navigation exercise around the training area, ensuring that they used their map reading skills to the best of their ability. 1st (United Kingdom) Signal Brigade The Signal Brigade is based at Imjin Barracks where it commands, prepares and generates forces which are held at high states of readiness, to support current and future operations all over the world. The brigade units deliver Command Support (capabilities which assist commanders in the exercise of command), Communications Information Systems, and Real Life Support (accommodation, power, medical support, feeding) to formations including: NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), the Joint Rapid Reaction Force, the Vanguard Aviation Force, the Air Assault Task Force, the Vanguard Field Hospital, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). the imjin SUMMER 2019 13