'the imjin' magazine Summer 2019 - Page 12

BATTALION Southern Comfort Silver Lining Prestigious win in Wales despite the rainclouds A team from the ARRC Support Battalion has won a coveted silver medal at the international ‘Cambrian Patrol’ competition held in Brecon, Wales – despite enduring “some of the worst weather conditions in recent decades”. The exercise is the premier patrolling event of the British Army, with competitors from 37 international armies coming to test their military skills in the Brecon Beacons. Lieutenant Halliday credits their success due to “good training, good preparation, and good teammates.” It was his second time entering the competition, and his second silver medal. His simple advice to future competitors is to “prepare early, and seek advice as to what to expect”. The ARRC Support Battalion has been training in the United States alongside NATO allies during a major combat exercise in Louisiana. Troops from the Battalion’s 14 Squadron Group have been exercising with the U.S. 101st Airborne Division on Exercise ‘Rattlesnake’ held at Fort Polk. At the time this edition of the imjin went to print, a platoon of Royal Gurkha Rifles, a troop of Royal Engineers, and a troop of Royal Logistic Corps drivers had integrated into the famous U.S. division for the final two- week test phase of the exercise. ON THE BAYOU This training has been conducted by a few British units since 2016, but never by anyone other than light role infantry. It is also believed to be one of the largest deployments of British Gurkha soldiers to exercise in the USA. And the Gurkha troops have been currying favour in Louisiana by holding a ‘Messing’ event (pictured), where they served authentic Nepalese cuisine to their U.S. hosts. MEDAL The Support Battalion’s team was led by Lieutenant Nathan Halliday (pictured second from right). He told the imjin: “It was exhausting, but absolutely phenomenal.” For the full report from Exercise Rattlesnake see the next edition of the Imjin – or visit the ARRC Support Battalion on Facebook. On the run Fight Night Three members of the Support Battalion have represented the Royal Logistic Corps at the British Army Cross-Country championships held at Tidworth. The Support Battalion boxing team are the reigning 1st (UK) Signal Brigade boxing champions, after success at the Inter-Unit tournament held in Stafford. The runners were selected to run for the RLC team by the Junior Cross-Country team manager, Capt Blair Thomson. Captain Sammie Evans said: “It was an epic show of courage, determination, discipline, and controlled aggression – all qualities essential in soldiering.” Lance Corporal Ashley Kinnen and Private Umesh Magar ran for the senior male team, and Private Bikash Rai ran for the Junior RLC team. A number of other Battalion athletes had qualified for the Logistic Corps team, but were unable to compete due to exercise commitments. Captain Thomson said: “Although the RLC team were not victorious, all the runners should be congratulated on their efforts in some arduous conditions.” 12 SUMMER 2019 the imjin Champ – Private Max Tripe RLC in the ring ARRC Support Battalion The Support Battalion of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) is a high readiness, expeditionary, all arms unit that provides close support to Headquarters ARRC. The Battalion is a multi-capbadge unit consisting of infanty, Royal Engineers, Pioneers, and logisticians, combined with the full range of supporting arms. The primary role of the Battalion is to deliver force projection, protection and sustainment to deployed elements of HQ ARRC. In peacetime, the Battalion delivers force preparation for all elements of the HQ and wider ARRC Group, and for all NATO participating nations. @ARRCSpBn ARRC Support Battalion